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In this sequel to Girl in the Painting, Colleen Grey flees the lingering suspicions and insularity of Amelia Island for the glamor, sophistication and international flair of Miami. Once there, as her work reaches a more cosmopolitan audience, she achieves a growing chorus of critical acclaim.

With acclaim comes celebrity and newfound wealth. Between the twin siren songs of money and fame, she’s drawn into a shadowy world of jet-setting financiers and international art dealers.

She finds herself embroiled in sinister games of hide-and-seek among hedge fund managers, Russian oligarchs, money launderers, and FBI agents who follow the money trails. When the stakes in those games turn lethal, Colleen’s improbable odyssey reverses course, in a deadly and unexpected twist.

When two teenage boys find a cellphone with a video they weren’t meant to see, they stumble into the violent world of biker gang mayhem and criminality. The phone belongs to members of a biker gang who used it to record the murder of a snitch. The bikers want it back—in the worst way. When they find out where the boys live, they’ll stop at nothing. As the bikers close in on their prey, the boys and their families are caught in the crosshairs of their ruthless desperation. Until a father decides he's had enough.

When one missing girl’s face turns up in a painting, it could be coincidence. Colleen Grey, a young artist, insists that her paintings come not from models but deep in her imagination. But when a second missing girl turns up in another painting, the parents want answers. The police, suspicious at first, now assume the worst. A tense debate rocks Amelia Island: are her paintings fired by the imagination of an artist, or the macabre signposts of a serial killer?

FROM THE VANTAGE OF HIS CELESTIAL CORPORATE CAMPUS, God nurses a seething anger. Humankind’s escalating wickedness and depravity have finally exceeded even his threshold for tolerance and patience. As Chairman and CEO of the Universe, he seeks a measure with sufficient totality to wipe the slate clean and start over. The answer is an asteroid, a big one, redirected toward Planet Earth. The countdown to doomsday has begun. And yet trusted members of his senior staff harbor misgivings. They counsel patience, urging him to reconsider, seemingly to no avail. Exhibiting a grim determination to carry through on his plan to wreak devastation on an irredeemable human race, God shows no signs of wavering. But as he watches events unfold during the tense final hours before the asteroid’s impact, inwardly he begins to grapple with the enormity of snuffing out life on Earth on such a cataclysmic scale. The fate of the world and humankind, his creations, hangs in the balance.


for book clubs

Having been invited to participate in eleven book club gatherings to date, I can honestly say that they are among the most rewarding and gratifying experiences I've had as an author.

The great questions, the back and forth, the insights readers share—many of which never occurred to me as I was writing—are fascinating.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be invited to take part in book clubs. I encourage club members to contact me if there is interest.

where to buy


All five novels are available online in paperback or e-book formats. Girl in the Painting, Foreign Exchange and We Know Where You Live are available in paperback at The Book Loft and Story &



I would encourage Amelia Island residents, or anyone for that matter,  to show your support for those two stores should you decide to purchase a copy. They and other small businesses have been through a difficult time. They're part of our quality of life. Let's help ensure they remain part of what makes Amelia Island a special place.


God Only Knows is available only through Amazon, also in paperback or Kindle formats.

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Every web site, it seems, has an obligatory “about” section. So here goes. In the sense of getting paid to write, I was a professional writer for much of my adult working life. But as an advertising copywriter, I never actually thought of it as writing, per se. Creating? Yes. Writing? Not really.


But as time went on, for whatever reason, I started paying attention to how real writers, good writers, wrote. I began to study their craft. I was drawn to it—rarely just reading but analyzing, dissecting, going back over phrases and sentences two or three times. Their writing showed me how much I didn’t know.


Then, much later in life, I had an idea for a book. I liked the idea so I just sat down and wrote it. I still wasn’t sure how to write a book,

but it was then or never.


Writing is something fueled by an internal engine. Yet writing a book doesn’t make you a writer. Ultimately the litmus test is more external

and less self-involved: what do readers call you?


My sincerest wish is that the joy I get out of writing comes through: that readers enjoy traveling along the road with me—wherever it leads. 


My wife and I, and Sunny, make our home on Amelia Island.


If the spirit moves you, if the

mood strikes, please, for any reason at all, contact me at